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Our Live Scan fingerprint technology creates a digital copy of your fingerprints. These captures can easily be transmitted electronically or printed onto fingerprint cards, and then securely stored for future use in our fully encrypted Fingerprint Archiving System. When requested, archived data can be printed on most state-specific fingerprint cards as well as the standard FBI FD 258 cards, using our FBI certified printers. South Florida Notary Plus offers a secured server capable of archiving electronic fingerprint files for FBI and FINRA compliant. (FEDERAL LEVEL FINGERPRINTS) Your archived fingerprints can be used for a multitude of reasons: Hard Card Printing On Demand FINRA Submissions Florida (FDLE) Submissions Electronic Submission FBI Fingerprints are submitted electronically to the FBI Fingerprint Archiving saves time and money. Fingerprint archiving is ideal for: Doctors Nurses Pharmacists Pharmaceutical Companies Insurance Agents Mortgage Brokers Money Transmitters Board Members Restaurant Owners Hospitality Management Companies FINRA Members

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