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ORI Number                  Profession

EAHCA020Z   (RBT)               AHCA - ALL

EAHCA790Z                           Managed Care

EAHCA013Z                           Florida Medicaid Providers and Enrollees

EDOH0380Z                           Certified Nursing Assistant by Exam

EDOH2014Z                           Physician/Medical Doctor

EDOH2015Z                           Osteopathic Physician

EDOH2016Z                           Chiropractic Physician

EDOH2017Z                           Podiatric Physician

EDOH2550Z                           RN/LPN by Exam - Initial

EDOH3451Z                           Orthotist & Prosthetist

EDOH4400Z                           C.N.A by Reciprocity

EDOH4410Z                           LPN by Endorsement

EDOH4420Z                           RN by Endorsement

EDOH4500Z                           Acupuncture

EDOH4510Z                           Anesthesiologist Assistant

EDOH4520Z                           Athletic Training

EDOH4530Z                           Clinical Lab Personnel

EDOH4540Z                           Clinical Nurse Specialist

EDOH4550Z                           Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family,

                                                                                        Mental Health Counseling

EDOH4560Z                           Dentistry

EDOH4570Z                           Dietetics/Nutrition

EDOH4580Z                           Electrolysis

EDOH4590Z                           Hearing Aid Specialist

EDOH4600Z                           Massage Therapy

EDOH4610Z                           Medical Physicist

EDOH4620Z                           Midwifery

EDOH4630Z                           Naturopath

EDOH4640Z                           Nursing Home Administrator

EDOH4650Z                           Occupational Therapy

EDOH4660Z                           Opticianry

EDOH4670Z                           Optometry

EDOH4680Z                           Pharmacist

EDOH4690Z                           Physical Therapy

EDOH4700Z                           Physician Assistant

EDOH4710Z                           Psychology

EDOH4720Z                           Respiratory Care

EDOH4730Z                           School Psychology

EDOH4740Z                           Speech/Language Pathology




ORI Number          Profession

FL013124Z                      Guardianship

     Florida Dept. of Children 

             and Families

ORI Number           Profession

EDCFSC30Z                     DCF Summer Camp Providers

EDCFMH20Z                    DCF Mental Health Providers

EDCFGN10Z                     DCF General


(Agency for Persons with Disabilities)


ORI Number              Profession

EAPDGN10Z                        APD General

EAPDFC20Z                         APD CDC

    Department of Elder Affairs


ORI Number                 Profession

EDOEA310Z                            Department of Elder Affairs


ORI Number        Profession

EDJJ1940Z                  Department of Juvenile Justice (Employee)

VDJJ1940Z                  Department of Juvenile Justice (Volunteer) 


                                    FLORIDA VECHS

ORI Number      Profession


V0000Z                      EMPLOYEE

V100000Z                  VOLUNTEER


       Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

ORI Number       Profession

FL921700Z                  Auto Dealer License

FL924360Z                  CDL School Instructor License

     OFR (Florida Office of Financial Regulation)

ORI Number        Profession

FL737111Z                  Florida Mortgage Loan Originator License

FL921050Z                   Florida Mortgage Broker & Lender License

FL921250Z                   Division of Securities

                 VR (Vocational Rehabilitation)

ORI Number         Profession

EDOEVR100                  Vendor Registration Employee

VDOEVR100                  Vendor Registration Volunteer

EDOEVR200                  Independent Living Employee

VDOEVR200                  Independent Living Volunteer

               Florida Department of Revenue

ORI Number          Profession

FL921650Z                      Second Hand Dealer License

               DBPR (Department of Business

                   & Professional Regulation)

ORI Number                 Profession

FL920010Z                                Real Estate Sales and Broker

FL922050Z                                Real Estate Appraisers

FL923400Z                                Construction

FL921932Z                                Community Association Managers

FL921670Z                                Talent Agents

FL922040Z                                Athlete Agents

FL921880Z                                Employee Leasing

FL920150Z                                Alcoholic, Beverages and Tobacco

FL924250Z                                Home Inspectors

FL924260Z                                Mold Remediation or Assessment

FL924270Z (All Boards)            Military Endorsement

FL924780Z                                Drugs, Devices & Cosmetics

FL921900Z                                Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes 

FL920630Z                                Pari-Mutuel Wagering (PMW)

FL923230Z                                Pari-Mutuel Slots (PMW)

​  Medical Cannabis Industry Fingerprinting Florida

The Office of Compassionate Use (OCU) has been assigned an Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) number. The number, FL924890Z (DOH – OFFICE OF COMPASSIONATE USE), has been entered into the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) production system and is ready for use.

Those needing a Level 2 criminal history record check for purposes of submitting an application for approval as a dispensing organization pursuant to the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 should present this number to the FDLE or one of its approved vendors for fingerprinting. Payment for the background check will be made directly to FDLE or the approved vendor.  (Please note that if a person chooses to make electronic submissions via a Livescan service provider, the service provider may assess a fee in addition to the record check fee.)  Results of the criminal history check will be provided to the OCU and not to the person being checked. The OCU will notify any person who does not successfully pass the criminal history record check.

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